Oculus Pachycam
Oculus Pachycam

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  • The OCULUS Pachycam is the first compact and portable non-contact pachymeter with built-in keratometer.
  • The pachymetry is based on Scheimpflug images of a horizontal 4mm cut and provides immediate indication of the central and thinnest corneal thickness.
  • The integrated keratometer measured the central K-value as well as the K-values in the central 30°.
  • The Pachycam is available as a stand alone unit and alternatively adaptable to the standard focusing rod hole of most slit-lamps.
  • The OCULUS Pachycam can automatically correct the IOP in accordance to various correction tables to obtain the “real” IOP.
  • The Windows® compatible software allows an easy archiving of the patient data as well as the integration into the local network.
  • The advantage besides the combination of pachymetry and keratometry and IOP-correction is the high repeatability based on the intuitive alignment and the automatic release.


Full Specifications


Camera: Custom   designed CCD-Camera
Light   source: blue   LED’s (475 nm UV-free)
Dimensions   H x D x W: (11.35   x 5.53 x 4.31) inches
(288 x 140 x 110) mm
Weight: app.   2 lbs (1 kg)