Sonomed Pachymeter 200P


The Micropach 200P has been designed to provide the physician with a simple yet accurate method of measuring corneal thickness using the menu of preprogrammed corneal maps. The system utilizes a microprocessor to perform the measurements and the calculations. Included are an automatic measurement acceptance algorithm to assist with proper applanation of the probe onto the cornea. The statics (average, standard deviation) are provided to increase the consistency of the measurement data.

The Micropach 200P is extremely portable, while still providing a large liquid crystal display. The combination of a high frequency, low noise probe and fast precise algorithm enables measurement immediately upon application of the probe along the visual axis.

The Micropach 200P provides:
• Average and Standard Deviation for Each Reading (Each Reading is result of 256 Individual Measures)
• Multiple Corneal Maps
• Selectable Bias and Corneal Velocity
• Accuracy better than 5 microns
• Precision ± 0.1 microns