SL-H5 Slit Lamp
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• Vertical illumination column
• Galilean Optical system with converging binoculars
• 5 step magnification with 6, 10, 16, 25, 40x magnification
• Built-in yellow filter for enhanced fluorescein observation


Utilizing the latest techniques in multilayered antireflective treatments, RIGHTmed slit lamps deliver stunning optical quality allowing clear visualization and depth of view right down to the smallest detail. The optics are crafted to deliver a 20% increase in optical transmission and a 10% increase of the depth of field.
Comfortable converging binoculars allow easy convergence of image, with a relaxed feel.


Precision machining and European craftsmanship delivers silk smooth base movements for effortless positioning and fine detail work.
Quality materials ensure longevity of performance and superior return on your investment.
All slit lamp models (except model Z2) are delivered standard with a base mounted rheostat to control slit illumination. This convenient positioning allows effortless, yet precise control of slit illumination.