Konan RAPDx
With RAPDx®, Konan has now substantially enhanced our view of neuro-pupillary dysfunctions. After a century and a half, it was about time.
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Pupil defect testing began in the 19th Century, but until now, has been subjective, difficult to perform well and not conclusive. As a required part of a standard eye examination, the notation “PERRLA – MG” commonly appears (if the testing was even performed) on the majority of patient records.
Even with the best of intentions, this is perhaps unwittingly inaccurate.


 Patented1 pupillograph
 HD, infrared, machine-vision
 Eye tracking
 Automated blink detection and rescheduling
 Digital, binocular recording of monocular stimuli responses


 RAPDx presents monocular stimuli with simultaneous binocular elements
 Patient views binocularly, but as a cyclopian view
 White light and multi-chromic
 Multi-intensity
 Full-field, macular, and macular sparing
 Quadrants

RAPDx Signature™

RAPDx records a high-definition, biometric waveform of the pupil responses, the “RAPDx Signature™”, which characterizes key features of pupil defect responses beyond those seen by human observers of the old Swinging Flashlight Test.

RAPDx Results

RAPDx presents clear detail of the differential pupil responses which can be displayed as as Amplitudes or Latencies. An analog of the Swinging Flashlight test can be performed as a fast screening test. Normative data is under development for characterizing specific conditions.


 Touchscreen operator interface (tablet size).
 Operator display rotates 180 degrees for flexibility in pre-testing settings
 Ribbon control for simple patient alignment
 Cyclopian view of separate OD-OS stimuli scenes


 Integrated computer
 Integrated WiFI and ethernet
 Patient self-alignment ribbon
 Rotating, touchscreen operator display
 Digital, 60 Hz, infrared, machine-vision system
 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
 USB 2.0
 Auditory cues for simplified test process
 Synchronous imaging and stimulus-display
 FDA Class I, 510(k) exempt device
 Web-enabled remote service and training capabilities
 Cloud-based storage and enhanced features
 Konan Medical USA is ISO 13485 certified