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iCare Tonometer
iCare Tonometer
The iCare Tonometer is a handheld tonometer for IOP measuring. It's patented technology uses rebound technology to briefly make contact with the cornea. REVOLUTIONARY, EASY ROUTINE The easy-to-use Icare® tonometers revolutionarize effective, early glaucoma detection and control by making the IOP measuring routine quick, effortless and effective. SAFE, PAINLESS AND HYGIENIC PROCEDURE No anesthetic or disinfection is needed with the Icare® tonometer. As a result, the patient flow can be kept dynamic even with massive screening pro- grams. SUITABLE FOR ANY KIND OF PATIENT The Icare® tonometer’s disposable probe touches the cornea very lightly for only a fraction of a sec- ond. The measurement is barely noticeable by the patient and therefore suitable even for non-compli- ant subjects, such as children and dementia patients.
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  • Carrying Case
  • 1 Box of Probes
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*To purchase the iCare Tonometer you must have a billing code in the following states: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico.
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